Our Services

Come visit us on the ground floor of the coral-colored house across the street from El Oasis B&B, and enjoy a memorable professional therapeutic massage and/or a luxurious spa facial.  We offer:


Traditional Swedish Relaxation and/or Hawaiian LomiLomi Nui Massage. With pure imported organic Jojoba extract.  

Aromatherapy Massage. With imported organic oils in a pure Jojoba “carrier” base.

Deep Tissue Massage. Targets deep-lying muscles of neck, shoulder, and lower back, using special products: Biofreeze, Nikken Sport Cream, and/or Peaceful Mountain organic and wild-crafted herbal “rescue” gels.

Chair (Seated) Massage. David Palmer’s Touch Pro protocol, tailored to your needs.

Manual Lymph Drainage.  A relaxing, rejuvenating treatment for face and neck.  Can also be combined with a Spa Facial.

Foot Reflexology. Finger and thumb pressure on precise areas of the feet. Can be a mini-feature of your deep tissue massage or a separate 30-minute treatment.

Upledger Basic Protocol Cranial-Sacral Session.  A relaxing, gentle modality for normalizing and balancing cranial-sacral movements in the head and spinal cord.

Reiki.  Transmission of universal healing energy by the laying on of hands and the silent recitation of secret healing mantras.

Luxury Spa Facials.  Includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask, tonification, application of hydrating/nutrient cream and/or oil, plus massage or lymph drainage, and featuring Shea Terra Organics (USA) and/or L’Erbolario (Italy) imported natural and organic products.

Massage table 


Relaxation Massage: $60.00 per 90 minutes, $40.00 per hour, $30.00 per 45 minutes, $20.00 per half-hour. 
Deep Tissue or Aromatherapy Massage
: $65.00 per 90 minutes, $45.00 per hour, $35.00 per 45 mins., $25.00 per half-hour.

Reflexology (30 minutes): $30.00.        Chair Massage:  $10.00 per 15 minutes. 

Luxury Spa Facials (30-35 minutes): $25.00.

Pamper Package: Special offer of Spa Facial for $20.00 when combined with a massage.


Payment in cash or personal check issued by a Panamanian bank.  Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.